Our Story

At IDSuccess Design Studio, we equip our clients to WIN! 🏆

Here’s the Problem:
You're facing a common yet tough challenge: creating captivating learning experiences that lead to real transformation.

At IDSuccess Design Studio, we understand this problem well.

You want to craft training that not only engages but also equips learners with the knowledge, skills and practice to succeed. That's where we step in. Your NEW learning partner is here!

We specialize in reimagining your existing training content into impactful experiences with measurable results. Our goal? To make your learning content so compelling that it activates your learners to lead, make decisions and drive meaningful change in their professional and/or personal lives.

We do this by transforming your existing training content (ex: webinars, workshops, classes, courses, training and signature learning programs) into top-tier experiences that drive winning results.


Tameka J. Harris

Well, hello there! If we have anything in common, it would be that you and I have an insatiable appetite for MORE from the world of learning and development.

That's why I became the founder of IDSuccess Design Studio–not just to start a company, but to spark a new era in how we all approach training adult learners everywhere.

Under my leadership, IDSuccess Design Studio has redefined what's possible in educational experiences.

From webinars and workshops to comprehensive courses, classes and signature learning programs, my team and I elevate learning content to new heights, transforming every moment into not just another interactive event, but a truly impactful experience. It's my firm belief in putting learners at the center of education that really sets our work apart, turning passive reception into active engagement and fostering real growth and change.

My efforts haven't gone unnoticed. In 2022, I was nominated and won the Excellence in Learning & Performance Award, a testament to my role as an innovator in this field.

Now, imagine teaming up with us as your NEW learning partner. This partnership is more than just updating content; it's about embarking on a journey that elevates your training approach, turning the mundane into magic and the ordinary into outstanding.

The question isn't if you're ready for this journey; it's whether you're prepared to unlock your full potential. With IDSuccess Design Studio, creating top tier learning experiences isn’t just a goal—it's a mission. Are you ready to take the first step?